DUBROVNIK – 12/10/2019

EARTH, SEA & FIRE is a first-time ever triathlon to be held in the southernmost Croatian city of Dubrovnik, a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most attractive global travel destinations.

This is a race for everybody to enjoy: first-timers and Ironman finishers, families and fans.

EARTH, SEA & FIRE welcomes every ability, offering two distances: Sprint triathlon and Olympic triathlon. Both can be tackled solo or as a part of mixed gender and class relay teams.

EARTH, SEA & FIRE welcomes experienced triathletes: Seasoned athletes looking for a flat course built for speed are sure to make this a tough race at a high pace while aiming at their PB or other records.

EARTH, SEA & FIRE welcomes first-timers: Newbies will appreciate flat course and calm sea water for the obvious reasons, one being they have the chance to race side by side with the best triathletes.

EARTH, SEA & FIRE offers relay races for everybody: This is an opportunity for the members of a club to actually race as a team. It’s also a chance for individual runners, swimmers, and bikers to join their forces, get a taste of triathlon and start a long-course tri career. When it comes to relay, your age group is of no importance. Your gender, disability or ability, professional or amateur status don’t matter either. The relay is all about team camaraderie, true to the heroic spirit of triathlon – for the win!

Dubrovnik Triathlon Club invites you to IGNITE YOUR INNER FIRE in Dubrovnik this October!

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