We are in 2022, for sure a good year in front of us! Races are on, Spring is knocking on our doors! Is the main base winter training block done? So let us get started on the race specific trainings. Dubrovnik Triathlon is a fast flat and dynamic race. Main targets are interval workouts and strength workouts now, pick up some speed, build and maintain some muscle. Eat well, sleep well, make some fun with friends as well. Not only will you look better, you will also race faster! Endurance will pick up. We have not been lazy this winter, there has been many hours invested here, many days and months, KOM’s, QOM’s and Zwift, treadmills and hurting hills, early morning swims lap after lap. Look on the bright side now. Safe swimming in calm Dubrovnik Harbour waters, flat bike course loops of 10km each makes you want to go all out, and then loops of 2.5km running depending on your choice – this is the chance, a new PB or just finishing strong – all options are there – and it is only you that has to win you and then the others – be smart, use tactics, keep on going – it is worth it every moment of training, every penny invested. Nobody can take that feeling away from you or your team, it is earned and it stays – Forever!

So let’s do it! Now is the moment. Register for your first or second or third Dubrovnik Triathlon, be part of a great race and a great event at a great price!